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Did You Know?

<choose> <option>*...That Doctor Eggman is the only character to have changed voices? </option> <option>*...That Sonic The Hedgehog is the only main character to not have an episode named after him? </option> <option>*...That Silver plays Jeopardy is the only episode where Shadow The Hedgehog and Sonic The Hedgehog don't make an appearance? </option> <option>*...That The Tails Doll Strikes Back is the first episode to have been scripted? And for that matter, the only episode where the script has changed multiple times? </option> <option>*...None of the episodes in Seasons One, Two, and Three were scripted? </option> <option>*...The name box and text in said box on Silver's page is the color silver? </option>

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